Badge Design Guide

Welcome to our badge design guide page, here you can find tips and advice on how to get the best out of your badges, templates and also a free to use badge designer.

Which size badge will I need?

hen badgesWe sell a huge range of badges and a very common question we get asked is ‘What size do I need?’. The best size of badge depends on firstly what you’re using it for and secondly what’s you’re budget.

All of our badges are listed in millimeters as standard in order to make it easier to get an idea of what you’re going to get. Our smallest badge, the 25mm, is roughly the same size as a 10p piece.

If you’ve got a design that includes a photograph or a lot of text it’s suggested that you go for the largest size you can stretch to. We find that birthday badges for example are better suited to 58mm or larger. Business badges which just include a logo are suitable for 25mm and upwards. It all depends on how much you want the badge to stand out and how important the information is.

Available styles & sizes
We sell badges in the below sizes:-

• 25mm       • 32mm       • 38mm       • 44mm       • 50mm       • 58mm       • 59mm       • 75mm       • 77mm

Some badges feature plastic backs and some metal backs but all include a metal safety pin fastener. We also sell child safe plastic clip backed badges too as well as keyrings, magnets, medals, mirrors and bottle openers.

Artwork Guide

Size & Quality
When you place an order with us you’ll receive a free design service. All we ask is that you send the highest quality image in any format you have and that none of the images you send are copyrighted. If you have any questions about copyright please feel free to send the image in question to us via email at before placing your order so that we can help and advise.

button badgesBleed Area
If you are sending images or a pre designed image please try and send the image with a ‘bleed’. A bleed is basically the area around the design which will end up being tucked under the back of the badge. If you don’t have this area on your images then don’t worry, just send the image to us and we’ll make it work.

All of our badges are printed in CYMK not RGB. This means that when printed the image colour may be slightly different to that of an RGB image shown on your screen. Please note that we are unable to print metallic colours but are able to print a gradient on the design which will give a ‘shine’ effect. Also we are unable to print bright neon colours.

When we send a final mockup for your approval it’ll always be sent in CMYK format and as close to the original printed colours as possible.


Here are templates in a PDF format for all of the badges we sell. You’ll need Adobe Photoshop to edit the templates and when saving please remember to hide the layer named ‘Inner Circle’. These templates can also be used to design artwork for our keyrings, magnets, medals, mirrors and bottle openers. Just refer to the size of the item you want to design for and select the correct sized template.

25mm Badge Template
38mm Badge Template - Metal Back
38mm Badge Template - Plastic Back
44mm Badge Template
50mm Badge Template
58mm Badge Template
75mm Badge Template
77mm Badge Template

Badge Designer

Please click the link below to open our badge designer. Using this software you can add text and images and change the colour of the design. When finished press the little dotted button on the top right hand corner to choose to print or download your design. If you like you can send it to us after placing your order. Don’t worry about the size, we’ll adjust it to the size you order and send a final mockup for your approval.


Sorry! But the product designer has not been optimised for your device. Please use a device with a larger screen!


Please remember that we do provide a free design service with all of our orders so if the information on this page is a little confusing just place your order, send us your images and or text and we’ll do it all for you.